Are you frustrated not knowing whether your reed, your instrument, or something you are doing is keeping you from sounding your best? (It can be so hard to tell sometimes!)

Do you wish practicing was more fun? (We’ve all been there.)

Are you nervous for chair placement or honor ensemble auditions? (So much work for so little time to prove what you can do!)

Are you tired of being the only oboist you know? (It can be lonely sometimes…)

Do you want to learn more music than you’re able to study in school band? (Band is awesome, but what if you could learn MORE new music more often?)


Are you surprised by the amount of money you’ve had to shell out for reeds since your child started playing oboe--and do you want to make sure that money isn’t being wasted? (Hello, quality assurance and reed replacement policy!)

Do you worry about your child’s stress levels as they’re learning to play oboe? (It can definitely be a bumpy road!)

Are you unsure what your child needs to succeed as an oboist--and ready to hear some more pleasant sounds coming from their practice room? (You’re such a supportive parent--but at some point you’re tired of feeling like you have a duck living in your house, right??)

Dr. Charlotte Ethington


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