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So, you think you want to play the


Amazing!! I would love to help you explore this instrument and decide if it's something you would like to pursue further.

decisions, decisions, decisions...

What's so cool about the oboe, anyway?

Start with this introductory video to learn about oboe music, the instruments in the oboe family, oboe reeds, and more!

"This sounds like fun. I'd like to try out the oboe! What should my next step be?"

Step 1:

To purchase a handmade oboe reed ($20) and sign up for a free group lesson at your school, fill out the form at the link below.

  • I do ask that you purchase your reed from me because I can ensure reed quality before the lesson, saving valuable lesson time. If you choose to purchase a reed from a different source, I cannot guarantee the reed quality and I will not be able to take lesson time from other students to adjust your reed.

Step 2:


I will come to your school on a date agreed upon with your band director for a free group lesson, where you will:

  • Learn how to play on the reed alone (always the first step, whether you have an instrument or not!)

  • We will focus on air support, embouchure formation, reed placement, and articulation. If you already play a wind instrument, many of these concepts will be familiar! You will learn to adjust what you have already learned to the specifics of the oboe.

  • By the end of the lesson you will enjoy a round of "crowaoke"--like karaoke, but with an oboe reed!

  • You do not need an oboe for this first lesson.

By the end of the first lesson, you will have all the tools you need to practice sound production so that, when you have an instrument in your hands, you will be able to progress more efficiently!

Step 3:

By this point you'll be ready to get going on the instrument itself! So you will need to find access to a working instrument. Check with your band director to find out if your school owns any oboes. If not, there are rental options available in the valley through places like Milano's and Music & Arts. I'll be here to help you make sure your instrument is functioning properly before your first official lesson.


Step 4:

Once you have an instrument to play on, you will be ready to go with private lessons. As a special offer for first-semester oboe students, you will be eligible to receive 

  • 4 lessons at half price, and

  • one additional reed, this time at half price ($10)

all within a 4-week period. From that point, you'll become an official member of the Ethington Oboe Studio!

Through long-term lessons, you will receive the support you need to:

  • Play on an instrument and reeds that function well (this makes a HUGE difference!)

  • Play oboe in your current band class. Switching instruments can be a challenge, but I've got your back! I'll help you identify exactly what you need to practice in order to progress most efficiently.

  • Identify and work towards the long-term goals that will be most enjoyable for you!

Still have questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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-DR. E :)

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