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Are you interested in learning how to play the oboe?

Do you want to take advantage of summertime to get ready to be able to play oboe in band next school year...but you aren't sure where to start?

Do you want to learn from a professional oboist how to master the fundamentals of oboe playing?

(...and earn some gold medals while you're at it?)

If you answered YES, you qualify to enter the 

Ethington Oboe Studio


June 7-11: individual private lessons (30 min per student)

June 14-18: 5 group workshops (9:00 am-12:00 pm) (see FAQ below for COVID safety guidelines)

All events will take place at:

2669 E Vista Verde Ct, Gilbert AZ 85298

Through private lessons and group workshops, you can 


in each OBOE-lympic event:

Tone production Triathlon: Master the 3 main elements of tone production on the oboe!

ARTI(culation)STIC Gymnastics: Learn the art of articulation on the oboe!

Handball: Finesse your hand position as you master the most basic fingerings on oboe!

Half-hole Halfpipe: You HALF to solidify that half-hole technique!

Trampoline: Leap into the oboe’s high register!

B(b)MX racing: Learn to navigate the key of Bb major so that you can race into the band room with confidence!

Figure Skating: Figure out which F fingerings will help you “skate” through your music most gracefully!

You'll be the most decorated oboist your school has ever seen!


Not only will you come away from the OBOE-lympics looking like Michael Phelps (with the amount of gold you'll have around your neck!), but you will also take home your very own copy of The OBOE-lympian's Playbook--a resource available exclusively for Summer OBOE-lympians that will help you throughout the school year as you continue to develop your skills in each OBOE-lympic event!



Q: How much does it cost to participate in the Summer OBOE-lympics?

A: $150. This covers the private lesson, the 5 group workshops, and The OBOE-lympian's Playbook. (If finances are an issue, please indicate on the Google form at the registration link above.)

Q: What preventive measures are being taken against COVID?

A: Students will be separated by protective shields during playing activities, with a WYND air purifier placed centrally within the playing space. Students will wear masks during non-playing activities that take them outside of their shielded areas. Only registered students will be allowed into the event venue on group workshop days. Dr. Ethington and her husband (who will likely be working from home) are both fully vaccinated. Students will be required to submit a health check each day before attending their private lesson and group workshops. Where necessary, students will be able to attend virtually via Zoom.

Q: When will I have my private lesson?

A: We will schedule your private lesson at a time that works for you sometime between June 7-11, anytime from 1:00 pm-8:00 pm. If you are unavailable during this time, we will find an alternative time sometime before June 14.

Q: What if I can't attend some of the workshop?

A: No problem, we will be happy to have you for as much of the workshop as you are able to attend! Refunds/pro-rated rates are not available, however.

More questions? 

Contact Dr. Ethington
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